Dec 2, 2008

[1] Do you think you're hot?
ofcourse x lahhh (: biase2 jeaa :D

[2] Upload a favorite picture of you.

[3] Why do you like this picture?
time niee beshh sbb tito uma pyka pykuu (: ahaha samok baii (:

[4] When was the last time you ate pizza?
last 2months kot?lupe lahhh ,hahaa.

[5] The last song you listened to?
wine red-the hush sound!

[6] What are you doing right now besides this?
blogging jeaa :D.

[7] What name do you prefer besides yours?
errr dunno.

[8] People to tag
1. pyka pykot
2. aiens
3. keena
4. niena
5. all my frens ,haha

[9] Who is no.1?
my lovey cousins.

[10] No.2 is having relationship with?
yewp ,wid ayipy(:

[11] Say something about no.3
keena budak baik yg comell (: ily sister !
[12] How about no.4
fren from myspace ,die baekk lahh (:

[13] Who is no.5?

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