Jul 28, 2009

Azrul afiq

hmm tgah check myspace ,tibe2 hati tergerak nk tgok myspace ex aku ,afiq..
then bkak myspace die ,hmm ada yg menarik kot kt myspace die bout die ..
aku copy & paste kt blog ..
my name is Azrul Afiq Bin Zulkifly, 17 years old oke.SPM candidate.ow shit.i live at Taman Pelangi Indah JB. i've been working at mcDonalds Tmn Pelangi Indah,Drive-thru.. 24hours open store include public holiday..yup! Be hope this is the best job i've been working and become a wonderful success future for me..insyaAllah. Wutever it is, i damn love my Job n all crew. They juz like a "Mcflurry Oreo" for me to eat everyday.. haha!also i never forget about her.i love her damn very much till my last breath yaw.. From now at this time, my FUTURE are myfocus spot. I dont care wut fuckin happened last past.. For me, thats a kind of "Play Station" for us to growth. Without memories n histories, we juz like a sucker bitch cute Dolly with a moron IQ..haha! Femly, myJob,myfriends,are myfocus spot.. I try my best to take a good care for them.. thats my promise dude! From doa n pray, there comes along with sweet shadow things as human like us never expect for.. Juz take it and think.. This is a fact not a fake.. truly come out from my word .. sincere me..
btw tenks afiq coz still love me ,
you ar the greatest exboyfiee for me okay ?
i will alwes remember you till my last breath too :)

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