Mar 21, 2010

full of sadness .

kenapa orang lain boleh happy tapi aku tak boleh ? kenape ?
aku cemburu tengok orang lain boleh happy , tapi aku ? merana , kecewa , hampa .
dunia betol betol tak adil la , kenapa orang lain tak boleh tengok aku happy ? dengki ?
yeahh jealousy could not be far away from people who often envy other people look.
ouh shittt ! i hate this situation .
tahun ni tahun paling malang bagi aku , full of sadness, no more happy .
hello people , can you make me happy even for a while ? please , im begging you .
i miss my old life . :'(
i thought today is better than yesterday . but ?
hmmmmmmmm .
i live every moment in full of sad . :'(
i dont need anyone .
people just make me hurt .
i just want new life .
hate me please go away from me , dont disturb my life .
thanks . bye


Mohd Muzamel Zainal said...

if all ppl live in happiness, who wants to live in sadness? happiness and sadness was created to be experienced by us.its a nature. but the different is humans love happiness but not sadness. sometimes sadness give u a 'break' from your life to think what you've done in your 'happy' time.

Syazwan Kamarudeen said...

just be patient and keep on walking~
remember...tomorrow is a mystery (",)

johnlabu said...

rileks...bykkan sabar yek...hepi2 slalu... :)

Nurazieana said...

thanks all :)